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How To Understand An Astrological Chart

by | May 17, 2020 | Astrology News

Astrological chart readings can be complex, but a trained astrologer can decipher it for you very easily.

What can the zodiac wheel tell you?


Chart Interpretation

While computer programs have reduced the calculation time for astrology charts and alleviated the risk of human error, computers can’t replace talented astrologers because an astrologer can offer greater insight that’s gained from training and experience. It’s this human factor that’s at the heart of astrology. The complexity of interpreting astrological chart meanings is a genuine art.

How an Astrologer Interprets Your Chart

An astrologer is most concerned about the placement of the planets and signs in the twelve houses of your chart. There are infinite possible combinations, and the odds of two people having the same astrological chart is very rare. Even twins have different charts since birth times won’t be the same. One degree can make a difference that’s as pronounced as night and day.

This gives you an idea of just how special the imprinting of the planets and the signs are at the time of your birth and why you want an astrologer interpreting what these nuances may mean. In fact, certain aspects or degrees can be interpreted differently from the “standard” or popular way you may see in books, and only an astrologer can convey those differences in a meaningful way.

For example, during a reading, an astrologer would note the importance of a stellium (four or more planets in the same sign). An astrologer will examine and explain to you why this is significant and how you may possibly act and move through life not as your sun sign dictates, but like the sign of your stellium.

A good example would be a Gemini sun sign with five signs in Cancer. Depending on which houses these signs are located in, along with aspects and other intricate details, you may very well act more like a Cancer sun sign than a Gemini. It requires an astute astrologer to decipher the significance of a stellium in your chart.

Planets, Signs and Houses

To understand how a chart is interpreted or read, it helps to understand how all the parts of the chart, including the elements of the signs, relate to each other. Planets will show you what is going on energetically. The sun sign will show you how things will unfold, and the house will reveal the areas in your life where all of this will occur. The astrologer will interpret this data and discuss how it will impact your life. When everything comes together in your chart, it’s clear to see how the combination of various energies of elements, qualities and the relationship between houses and planets create the intricacies that make you unique.

Understanding Astrological Chart Readings

There are several different kinds of chart readings you can have, but the birth or natal chart is the typical one used. The natal chart is calculated by using your date of birth, time of birth and location of birth. The latter would be the city and the state. An astrologer will convert your birth location into longitude and latitude to get a precise calculation. By having the time of your birth, the astrologer can ascertain where the planets were on the horizon at the moment of your birth. Time of birth is crucial for an accurate chart calculation.

Natal Chart

Your natal chart is the basis for calculating other charts, such as a progression chart, that can yield what’s known as event astrology. This means that the astrologer will progress your chart for the upcoming year. This process identifies and highlights significant events, both positive and negative. This chart can be narrowed down not just to months, weeks and days, but to the precise hour, minute and second. Many people use progression charts to assist them in taking full advantage of the energies of beneficial planet alignments and plan their yearly activities. For example, you can use a progression chart to select the best time for doctor appointments, to have surgery, buy stocks, sign contracts and so on.

Two Significant Signs in Your Reading

There are two significant signs to which you’ll want to pay close attention:

  • Ascendant or Rising Sign: This refers to the sign that was on the horizon at the moment of your birth. This sign will usually be different from your sun sign. Your rising sign is how people will see you. It’s often called your outward personality sign.
  • Sun Sign: This is your soul sign and where you are in the progression of incarnations through the zodiac wheel. However, keep in mind that this may not be your first passage through the twelve signs.

Chart Overviews

Your astrologer will conduct a general overview with you. This is a basic discussion of which planets were on the horizon at the time of your birth and which were below it. Your sun sign will be discussed followed by your rising sign and moon sign. These three play key roles in your life from soul growth to your outer personality, to your emotions. The astrologer will read your chart house by house and discuss what energy and possibility reside in each. This will encompass more than just planets and signs; you’ll hear words like nodes and aspects.

The astrologer will give you a quick rundown of each sign, planet, element and degrees, and how all of this affects you in life. Each astrologer reveals a chart in her or his own style. Some astrologers prefer to discuss your sun sign and how it moulds your life while others may prefer to focus on your rising sign. The approaches will be different from one astrologer to the next, but the information you receive will be pertinent to your chart. It will take some time for you to fully digest what you’ve learned during your astrological chart reading, and it’s best to record the session so you can refer back to certain points.


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