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How to Use Numerology Numbers 1, 4 & 9 to Manifest The Life You Want

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Numerology News



Today we will be talking about numbers.

Have you noticed that numbers are everywhere? No matter where you go or what you do numbers are always present? So, the question is, how can numbers help you through your day in an ease and grace manner during these very changing times? Each number has an energy code. When you are connected to the energy code of a number it helps you to raise your energy and match that vibration.

Now, you can use daily actions that will help you to stay in balance with life,  no matter how chaotic things are out there. Numbers are one of the most wonderful and powerful tools on Earth. All you need is simple daily techniques that will help you to shift energies from negative perspectives to very positive ones. So when you are having one of those off days,  where everything is not going according to plan use numbers to shift from negative to positive. So for today’s purpose we will use three numbers and their codes: 1 ) One-ness 4) Growth 9) Spirituality and Tranquility So let’s start with the first tip.

When you are feeling a bit disconnected with your day or routine yet you want to have a sense of Oneness with all try this: Hold a glass of water with both your hands and close your eyes. Imagine that each drop in the water has a number 1 in it, so the glass is full of number 1s in the water. Hold that thought for 17 seconds and use your imagination to help you manifest your intention. Trust that it is done! And then drink the water slowly and feel the energy spreading all over your body.

Now, you can use this technique with any of the number codes mentioned before. So tip number 2. Number 4 is a number to be applied for growth. Every time you see number 4, being on the calendar date, at a car number plate or at a door take a minute to look at a specific area in your life where you can apply growth. Use your mind to create steps that will help you to achieve your intention.

So let’s move to tip number 3. Use number 9 as a number to achieve a sense of tranquillity by bringing your spirit to the point of centeredness and peace. Imagine you are wearing an invisible jacket full of number 9s in its pattern. Something like the Riddler’s jacket. Close your eyes for 17 seconds and then imagine the energy of peace and tranquillity being absorbed from the jacket by your skin.

Use your thoughts to create in your body that ‘feeling good’ energy that will help you to shift to a more tranquil state of being. We look forward to hearing from you and to see how numbers have impacted your daily life and how much they have changed.

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