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Learning to Read an Ephemeris In Astrology

by | May 13, 2020 | Astrology News

Welcome to Introduction to Astrology

The free weekly course to set you up as a home astrologer, or maybe as a professional one day. You can always go back and pick up previous lessons if you missed them. If you want to go even further, please do join us at The Sun Sign School. My colleagues are household names. Full-time professional astrologers, bestselling authors and stargazing superstars from around the world.

An Ephemeris is a book which shows the planets, Nodes and other factors and the zodiac signs they are in, on a given date. It also shows you the degrees they are in. In other words, the patterns they make.

The generosity of Alois Treindl (pictured left), who I had the pleasure of meeting at The Astrological Association Conference in Great Britain, is legendary. His website is the go-to source for so much.

He also offers a free, basic Ephemeris (it doesn’t show all the asteroids, but it does show the basics). Download it here and print it out or keep on your computer. It is the 2020 Ephemeris.

Scroll down to APRIL 2020.

This is a numbers game. In astrology, we look for unusual, striking patterns (called aspects) to spot events that stand out. Look across the columns for patterns at zero or 0. Always read the first number, first. Don’t worry so much about the number that comes after it. What you’re looking for is 0 (symbol) and then another number. But it’s the 0 we are interested in.

You should find one in the very first row of numbers. Actually, you will find two. On Wednesday, April 1st, 2020, in this week just past, you can see that Mars was at 0 Aquarius 49 and Saturn was at 0 Aquarius 40.

astrology Ephemeris

As I said, don’t worry so much about the numbers that come second. The first one is the degree (the rest are just minutes). The symbols you will have decoded last week. If you need to catch up on that lesson now, do so.

The symbol is what you would expect. Wavy lines of water – it has to be Aquarius the water bearer. So, what you are seeing here is Mars at 0 Aquarius 49 lining up with Saturn at 0 Aquarius 40. That is what is known as a conjunction. Mars is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius.

How do you know the planet symbols? Mars looks like the God of War, and he represents heat, action, competition, conflict, speed, aggression, assertiveness, and so on. Just like a Roman soldier. His symbol looks like a Roman soldier. It’s basically a bloke with a beer gut firing off an arrow. Saturn is shown by a cross with a tail if you like. Saturn is about a heavy load to carry. A cross to bear. He has a long tail. He lasts a long time, when he goes through a sign – he hangs around for at least two years. As you learn astrology, you’ll make up your own memory-jogging devices. Fat Roman soldier with an arrow for Mars, or some other device. Maybe you have a better way of remembering Saturn.

Now using my website, or my book 2020 Vision: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide (on Amazon) – or your free Premium Member guides – decode Mars and Saturn.

What do you think they delivered last week when they were in conjunction on Wednesday 1st April? What news events proved it? What happened in your own life?

Astrology can be so accurate your jaw is on the floor. Make notes. What did you see and how did it work out for you?

If you are really flying ahead with your course, you’ll go back to the chart wheels you had last week and start to see how Mars conjunct Saturn at 0 Aquarius manifested for your partner, friends, family. This is real astrology, in real-time. Now look down the page and you’ll see that Venus was also at 0 Gemini on the same day that Saturn was at 0 Aquarius on Saturday, April 4th, 2020. Venus was making a different pattern. A trine. Venus at 0 Gemini was trine Saturn at 0 Aquarius. That was pretty recent. How did that work out for you?

If that’s too complicated for now, leave it. But if you’re flying ahead, you’ll be able to put that together using my website, your Premium Member guides or my book 2020 Astrology.

Keep this 2020 Ephemeris and remember what a fantastic resource is.

See you next week.


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