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Numerology and Astrology for April 22nd 2020

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Numerology News

Numerology/Astrology for 4/22/20 4/22/20 is the number 3. If you add the 4 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 12.  1 + 2 = 3. I know that trying to stay positive (the number 3) is challenging. I wish that lessons did not have to come in such ways. Those that see the pattern and are not consciously contributing to the lies and distortion end up having to suffer because of those in denial and resistance. It is insane and unfair.

But it is how life always works. There are moments when the lower vibrations are so strong that then try to pull those with higher knowledge and intent into the mud of their denial. You cannot allow yourself to falter in your belief that together we can create a better world. I believe that we are in a massive time of intense transformation and change. To realize and recognize the terrible things that are happening and have been happening is painful but that darkness has to be illuminated so it is revealed in the light for what it really is. You are supposed to be horrified. You are supposed to be terrified.

needed to be horrified and terrified for a long time. And many of you have been. Many have been feeling that trepidation building up over the past 4 years. Perhaps it is good to have validation for all those feelings you we’re having. Perhaps those of you that have been feeling this for so long were the canaries in the coal mine of this tragedy. Perhaps it is important for you to recognize the degree of your sensitivity and intuition. So that you learn to trust it and move with it rather than use the mind to explain feelings away.

This is what waking up feels like. This is what becoming aware is really about. No one would want to put others through this process. But in life we need those that can and do notice subtle energy to speak up and become a voice for the messages that the other side is attempting to show us. ~Suzanne Wagner~ Astrology Today Welcome to Earth Day and a New Moon in Taurus. And I pray for this earth to have a day of calmness without humanity interfering. I wish for all the turtles to lay their eggs in peace. I pray for animals and birds to have a break from humanities inhumanity. May this be a great day for this beautiful earth.

If you are awake, before sunrise you will get to watch the Lyrids Meteor shower. Enjoy that moment. The Moon is aligned with the planet Uranus so you need to “expect the unexpected”. Taurus wants financial stability but Uranus wants change. Invent new ideas that are practical in their application. See this moment as a rainbow. A rainbow does bring rain and it also connects the spiritual and earthly realms. We are being asked to open to higher spiritual values. The Moon in Taurus makes everyone want more security than is being presently offered by our government or our jobs.

Protecting family is paramount and everyone is looking at financial issues today. How long can you withstand this type of drain on your resources? For each person it is a concern. The Moon square Saturn is adding to the feelings of restriction, depression, aggravation, stubbornness and dissatisfaction. Know that there is a lot of moodiness and irritation on the surface. Focus on cultivating as much peace as you can right now. I know it is difficult. Many see so much collapsing and it is easy to fall into despair. And for good reason.

But sometimes this is what it will take to make the enormous leap and massive changes in priorities and consciousness that the world needs right now. Too many are in too much denial and resistance. They wish to thwart progress by labeling it as “fake”. That is why things will continue to get very raw and very real. After all, it takes a lot to break the back of a belief.

~Suzanne Wagner~ Quote 
It takes a lot to break the back of a belief. ~Suzanne Wagner~

Blog Many years ago I was working with a Peruvian Shaman, Don Americo Yabar in the mountains around Price, Utah. There was a large group of Americans learning the tools and traditions of the Andes and we were out in nature camping and it is was so beautiful to be in such an amazing environment. So one day during a small break. Don Americo came up to me and said, “Did you talk to the wind today?” I looked a bit surprised and responded, “No. Should I have a chat with the wind today?” And he smiled and said, “Yes!”

I have learned in life that you just do what a teacher or shaman asks and do your best to just stay open and in the flow to receive whatever gift is supposedly there for you. So off I went and I decided to sit with my back against a tree and feel into the tree and become that tree and notice that the tree was constantly communicating through its leaves with the wind. And this is what came out. It is a song. The Wind Do you hear the wind blowing through consciousness?

Can you feel the change moving today? Can you see the light reflected in each other’s eyes? Can you feel the love connecting us all? Will you be the storm clearing the world we’re in? Can you feel the web of cosmic delight? Do you know this change is coming to consciousness> It is light that flows into us all. Won’t you come with me I am moving into the breeze? I can see your light from great, great heights. Wind loves you all touching the great and small. Not judging those who resist its blows. Come fly with me and see what the condor sees.

The earth below letting go. Oh, joyous day, when people come up to play. Their minds are free and let them be. Can’t you see that we have sung for eternity. Reminding those of what they know. It’s time to move this song will now go through you. Please come and play in the sky today. My song is sung for those who remember one. One light, one love, the flight of the dove. I sing in you … I sing in you … I sing in you … I sing in you … It ran through my head over and over again. It was so strong that I have never forgotten it. Once I had it, I went back to Don Americo and sang it for him. He sat in amazement, speechless. When I was finished, he said to me. In my culture we affectionately call you a witch. You weave energy of light, sound, and movement together and create beautiful things. You are a weaver of light. A singer of great wisdom.

And a mother of stories. ~Suzanne Wagner~

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