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Strength Tarot Card in The Major Arcana

by | Jan 1, 2022 | Tarot News

Today we are talking about the strength tarot card in the major arcana deck. This is lily in the universe.

Let’s get started strength is the number eight card in the major arcana deck it is associated with finding controlling and successfully applying inner strength in the right-of-way deck.

The Strength tarot card is represented by a young woman wearing a white dress with flowers around her waist and hair. She is calmly opening the jaws of a lion completely red in passion. There is an infinity sign above her head, signifying the continuous cycle of life and her infinite wisdom.

The lion also allows the woman to get so close to him, because he feels that she is there only with love and compassion toward him. It is the meeting between being courageous to face your fears and also learning to tame the raw emotions and passions inside in a card reading, the strength card may appear upright or reversed.

The strength guard upright reveals that you have the inner capacity and ability to persevere and thrive in any situation. You can remain calm in times of danger or stress and in turn, help others achieve this state as well. The strength guard suggests harnessing your power drive and willpower to achieve greatness in any endeavor.

This is the card that shows stability. If you can keep imbalance, your emotional and rational, sights in money, love and friendship, the strength guard advises you to keep control above all, that may be in relation to outburst of emotions with a partner or at work, and even spending without thinking.

strength tarot card reverseStrength in reverse signifies a loss of control of the situation or your emotions. It suggests you might be finding it hard to keep going and keep showing up take a moment to look at what you have accomplished already and take a break.

If you need to the strength card in reverse shows that there may be too many obstacles for you to face alone, recruit the help of a friend and lean on them to get back on your feet in relationships, the cards suggest you are letting fear and doubt keep you from moving forward trust in your own abilities and find the courage to move past.

The fear, in conclusion, strength represents believing in yourself and your inner power to handle scary situations. It is being compassionate towards others and being a loyal and supportive friend. By taming your animal instincts, you can participate in several social situations that will aid you in your success.

Strength in reverse signals that you may be feeling weak or doubtful due to obstacles or setbacks, take a minute to organize your thoughts and gather your strength. You may also be feeling overwhelmed due to doing too much for others by taking care of yourself. First, you can be in a better state of mind to help others.

You may be repressing your anger, frustrations or disappointments instead analyze them and look for ways to express those feelings in a constructive manner. I hope you have enjoyed this lesson on the strength card join us again soon to learn more about another tarot card. Bye,

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