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Cosmic Aquarius New Moon January 2020

Aquarius New Moon January 2020 Cosmic Defragmentation, Revolution, Broken Apart & Bridged Together As found on Youtube Sensitive Psychic Readings With Malcolm M

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer Astrology Horoscope January 2020

The world feels on fire, both literally and figuratively. The Saturn Pluto conjunction during this Lunar Eclipse feels heavy and oppressive, but as always there is higher ground and an evolutionary opportunity! This astrology horoscope is for the Full Moon Lunar...

The Benefits Of Clairvoyant Psychic Readings

The lead up to wanting a psychic reading. Have you been kind of feeling as though your life has encountered a brick wall? Has everything become dull and lifeless to you and has no point to it? Are you feeling like your stuck in one place and cannot manage to progress...

25 Native American Survival Skills? That Can Help You

Learn from these Native American survival skills from the past! Native American Survival Skills We Can All Learn From Learning from the Native American Native American survival skills included crafting survival tools and building shelters. They foraged for their food...