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25 Native American Survival Skills? That Can Help You

Learn from these Native American survival skills from the past! Native American Survival Skills We Can All Learn From Learning from the Native American Native American survival skills included crafting survival tools and building shelters. They foraged for their food...

What Are Tree Spirits and How To Connect With Them

Tree spirits are ancient and wise, offering healing magic, wisdom and insight.. This introduction explains the types of tree spirits and how to work with tree spirits A tree spirit is a type of nature spirit, and effectively the “living soul” of a tree. It...

Ho’oponopono – Feel it!

 Self Identity through Ho'oponopono This is a wonderful tool for self-healing and causes a great improvement in all areas of your life. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. As found on Youtube Empathic Psychic Readings

Extremely Powerful Technique for Healing Depression Successfully

Tips On Healing Depression Kendra had been depressed on and off for the last three years before consulting with me. "I’ve tried various medications and they help somewhat, but I still feel depressed. I’ve tried psychotherapy and it also helps a little but not enough...

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